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Is Roof Ventilation Important

YES! Proper ventilation is extremely important to the health of your roof and attic space. However, not all attic spaces require the same amount of ventilation. Some attic spaces require no ventilation at all.

Tip: Ventilation is not required in conditioned attic spaces!

Does your roofing contractor know when ventilation is required and how to calculate the proper inlet and outlet ventilation? The truth? Probably not!

While there are many roofing contractors in our area. There are only a handful that know how to calculate proper roof ventilation. Many roofing contractors believe that all homes or dwellings were designed with the perfect ventilation when built. The truth is, most buildings were built with inadequate ventilation to save money and increase profits. So, can ventilation issues be corrected? YES! If you hired a genuine roofing contractor he/she will evaluate your current ventilation and develop a new roof ventilation plan based on your home or building.

Why is roof ventilation so important? Improper roof ventilation can lead to health concerns and damage your dwelling. This is why hiring a trusted roofing contractor is so important. A qualified roofing contractor will check for proper ventilation. If your roof is not being vented properly a new ventilation plan is crafted and implemented. This plan may include the addition of new inlet or outlet vents, removal of existing vents or, a combination of both. The goal is to reach the proper balance of inlet and outlet ventilation to ensure proper roof functionality.

  • Issues Caused by Improper Roof Ventilation
  • Mold in The Attic Space
  • Ice Dams
  • Damage to The Roof Deck
  • Premature Roof Failure
  • Voids Warranty

Don’t be a victim of under qualified roofing contractors. A professional roofing contractor will ensure your roof has adequate ventilation to protect you and your home. If you choose Anderson Roofing & Home Improvement you can rest assured that your roof will have proper ventilation. The health of you and your home is our #1 priority!