Reasons Your Roof Needs Attention

7 Reasons Your Roof Needs Attention

Replacing the roof on your home or business is an investment in your property. Like most investments knowing when it’s time to act can be frustrating and confusing. What does a bad roof look like? Can it be repaired? Must it be replaced? There are many signs that a roof may be in trouble. Knowing what to look for will help you make an informed decision and ensure you don’t rush into unnecessary roof work. Below are some signs that your roof may need some attention.

1. Curling or buckling of shingles Curling Shingles can be identified by a simple visual inspection. Shingles that are curled will appear lifted/rolled at the lower edges. Curled shingles can be a sign of aging shingles. Curled shingles can also point to ventilation issues. When a roof is improperly vented the attic space can become extremely hot. This excessive heat can cause shingles to age prematurely becoming curled and brittle.

If you have curled shingles you should get a qualified roofing professional to evaluate your roof as soon as possible. Identifying curled shingles early will allow you to take the proper steps to ensure your roof doesn't reach critical condition resulting in leaks and other damage.

2. Dark Spots on Roof Dark spots or streaks on your roof are unsightly. These dark spots are often misdiagnosed as shingle damage such as missing granules. This is usually not the case. In reality your spots and streaks are the result of algae. Algae is a common problem in humid environments that is only worsened by excessive tree coverage.

Dealing with dark spots or streaks on your roof is not a matter of roof replacement. Rather it is and exercise in roof maintenance. An algicide amongst other chemicals can be used to kill the algae and restore your roofs appearance. However, there is one mistake that is devastating to your roof when trying to rid your roof of unsightly ugly black streaks or spots. Using a PRESSURE WASHER! Pressure washers damage the shingle by removing granules and speeding up the aging process. Never pressure wash your asphalt roof!

3. Excessive Moss Growth Moss growth can become a severe problem if left untreated. If moss is growing on your roof it is important to act fast or suffer potential severe consequences. Moss acts as a sponge soaking up and holding moisture. This excessive moisture can accelerate moss growth and can cause some serious issues with your roof. Shingle lifting and rapid aging of shingles are chief amongst these issues. Moss can facilitate water penetration into your roofs underlayment and roof deck leading to devastating wood rot. However, all is not lost. If treated before moss growth gets out of control you can counter the evil intentions moss has for your roof.

There are many treatments for roof moss both chemical and mechanical. It may be as simple as spraying with a moss killing agent which can be found at your local home improvement store. If moss has got out of control it is best to seek a roofing professional. In severe cases a roof may need to be replaced.

4. Roof Flashing Roof flashing is an integral part of you roofing system. Flashing is also the leading cause of roof leaks. Flashing is used to bridge the gap between shingles and terminations (Walls, chimneys, stacks, amongst others). Flashing is often hard to diagnose and even more complicated to fix correctly. However, a seasoned roofer will make quick work of replacing your roofs flashings.

Replacing flashing on an existing roof is a delicate procedure that involves lifting or removing old shingles along the troubled termination. While many DIYers have successfully made roof flashing repairs. It is definitely a job best left to a qualified roofing company.

5. Roof Age Roofs age! It’s a fact! However, all roofs age differently. Climate, ventilation and installation techniques can all affect how a roof ages. Missing granules, brittle shingles and missing shingles may all be signs a roof is nearing the end of its useful life. Most Roofing Experts agree that a normal roof has a lifespan of approximately 20 to 25 years. Of course, the quality of material can decrease or extend the life of your roof.

You should contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof if you fear your roof has exceeded it useful life.

6. Poor Quality Materials In an ill-advised attempt to save money and increase profits builders often opt for the cheapest possible roofing materials. These cheap materials fail much sooner than higher quality materials such as, Owens Corning Durations. If you are replacing your roof finding a quality focused roofing contractor is paramount. If the price is too low you should expect poor quality materials

While cheap materials may save money up front. The cost of replacing your roof more frequently or dealing with regular roof repairs will cost much more than installing a quality roof from the onset. Cheap materials usually means poor quality. Avoid cheap quality roof materials to save money and avoid headaches down the road.

7. Leaky Roof This is the most obvious reason your roof needs attention. If your roof is leaking it must be repaired or replaced immediately. Prolonged roof leaks will result in serious damage to your roof deck and structural members. Never allow a roof to continue leaking!

In many cases a leak can be repaired on a roof that still has useful life remaining. Unfortunately, the window for repair can close quickly if a leak is left unattended. If your roof is leaking you should seek a professional roofer as soon as possible.